Frequently Asked Questions

Who is The Beam Store?

The Beam Store began when Mike Hembree, President, and his wife wanted their toddler to improve balance and gain confidence; thus "santa" delivered the first beam to the Hembree household. The original beam was made by Mike after recognizing there were no affordable options to purchase a beam in the market. Mike wanted to provide this same affordable option to other parents across the country. The ability for their child to gain confidence and agility on the beam AT HOME was and is our goal. The product has continually improved over the years as well as the process. We manufacture the highest quality training beam in the world. Over the years our company has moved from a small garage workshop to a large manufacturing facility with worldwide sales. Our products and business are our livelihood; therefore, we pride ourselves in customer service and strive to satisfy every customer.

When will I receive my item?

You should receive your order in around 5-7 business days. Order processing time is 2-3 days on most items and transit time is 3 to 5 days. When your order is shipped you will receive an email along with tracking information.

What is your return Policy?

Returns are cheerfully accepted within 14 days of receipt of item. During the Christmas Season returns are accepted within 14 days of receipt or December 31st whichever is later. Shipping costs are buyers responsibility unless item is damaged.

What happens if my item is damaged?

We hold ourselves responsible for the item safely arriving to your door. If item(s) are damaged during shipping we will quickly send a replacement and make arrangements for the damaged item to be returned at no cost to you.

Do you have Sales Promotions

We very rarely offer sales. We believe in keeping our prices as low as possible and offering those prices throughout the entire year.

Do you offer free shipping.

We don't offer free shipping but we do offer low cost shipping.

Can I ship to another country?

We do offer shipping to other countries.  Please call or email for a shipping quote.

Can I ship to an address other than my billing address?

Yes, During the checkout process you will have the opportunity to ship to another address.

What Length of Beam Should I order?

This varies by individual preference but there are a couple of items to consider. The longer the beam is the more the child can do without starting over. Our most popular beam is our 8ft low profile beam. Most children will be able to do a cartwheel without a problem. This beam can also we raised higher in the future with our raised metal legs. The beam core is pre-drilled for this. Our 12ft Sectional beam will allow a child to complete most or all of a routine but this beam can not be raised higher later. We also offer 4ft and 6ft beams. The 4ft beam is great for traveling or practicing handstands. If you're unsure of the length you need a good idea is to lay a piece of tape on the floor and have your child do a cartwheel and measure the distance needed.

Are your beams difficult to set up?

No, The only assembly is attaching the legs. All of beam legs are universal so they can go on any beam, on either side and either direction. In short, they can't be put on wrong and only require a wrench.

Do I need a mat?

We highly recommend padding be used with all of our products.