5 foot wall mounted ballet barre in mirror black
5 foot wall mounted ballet barre arctic white color
5ft Wall Mounted Ballet Barre
close up of wall mounted ballet barre bracket in mirror black
5ft Wall Mounted Ballet Barre
5ft Wall Mounted Ballet Barre
5ft Wall Mounted Ballet Barre
close up of wall mounted ballet barre bracket in arctic white

5ft Wall Mounted Ballet Barre


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We manufacture Commercial grade Studio Barres.  Our barres are in use by major dance companies, studios, and schools around the world.

We produce all of our products at our factory location in Oklahoma City, OK.  If you’re in the area, please stop by for a tour.

As an American company, we appreciate your business and support.

5ft Wall Mounted Ballet Barre perfect for any room or studio!

Mount the barre to your specific height and flexibility needs!

5ft Wall Mounted Ballet Barre

This wall-mounted barre is the perfect size to fit into the room of anyone trying to improve their flexibility or any dancer, even great for studio use! Being a wall-mounted barre, this allows it to be placed at any height needed while being long enough to accomplish any stretch or exercise. With steel brackets and a hardwood rail, it can support athletes of any age.

The Barre measures 60" long with a 1 1/2" diameter Hardwood pole. The brackets are made of steel and extend 9" from the wall. The Barre mounts to the wall with easy to position wall brackets. Simply mount each bracket securely to the wall studs and slide the barre into the brackets. All screws are provided.


Wall-mounted ballet barres are a popular choice for ballet dancers as they provide a stable and secure support system for practicing and warming up. Here are some common uses for wall-mounted ballet barres:

  1. Ballet Practice: Wall-mounted ballet barres are perfect for practicing ballet techniques such as pliés, tendus, and arabesques.

  2. Warm-up Exercises: Dancers use the barre to perform warm-up exercises before a class or performance. These exercises help to increase flexibility, improve balance, and prepare the muscles for more vigorous activity.

  3. Stretching: Wall-mounted barres can be used to stretch the legs, back, and arms. The barre provides support, making it easier to hold stretches for longer periods of time.

  4. Rehabilitation: Ballet dancers often use wall-mounted barres for rehabilitation exercises after an injury. The barre provides a stable support system, allowing the dancer to perform exercises without putting too much stress on the injury.

  5. Fitness Training: Wall-mounted barres are also used in fitness training programs such as barre fitness classes. These classes combine ballet-inspired exercises with other fitness techniques to provide a full-body workout.

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Customer Reviews

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