12ft High Beam and Advanced Elite Training High Bar Combo USA
12ft High Beam and Advanced Elite Training High Bar Combo USA
12ft High Beam and Advanced Elite Training High Bar Combo USA
12ft High Beam and Advanced Elite Training High Bar Combo USA
12ft High Beam and Advanced Elite Training High Bar Combo USA
12ft High Beam and Advanced Elite Training High Bar Combo USA
12ft High Beam and Advanced Elite Training High Bar Combo USA
12ft High Beam and Advanced Elite Training High Bar Combo USA
12ft High Beam and Advanced Elite Training High Bar Combo USA
12ft High Beam and Advanced Elite Training High Bar Combo USA
12ft High Beam and Advanced Elite Training High Bar Combo USA

12ft High Beam and Advanced Elite Training High Bar Combo USA


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We manufacture the best training beam in the world!

Here’s why:

Strength - Wood core with a weight capacity of 350lbs. No center support is needed and this allows a mat to slide underneath the beam. We use almost twice as much wood in our beam as our nearest competitor. The beam won’t flex or bend when doing leaps or jumps.

Padding - We use the same padding as competition beams. This gives a realistic feeling on her feet and makes it easy to go from a training beam to a competition beam.

Cover - Heavy grade suede. Provides excellent durability and great non-slip traction.

Shape - Our beams have curved sides just like competition beams. This will affect her hand grip and provide a more realistic training experience.

Reinforced Ends - This is where most of the wear occurs on beams. This feature will greatly extend the life of your beam

Warranty - All of our beams come with a two-year transferrable warranty.

Safety - All of our beam designs have been tested. Support braces are made of steel with rubber pads. Custom matting is available to go all the way around the beam.

The beam is made using cross-grain laminated wood construction. This gives the beam its strength and prevents warping or twisting. No center support is needed. The core is planed and sanded to the competition oval beam shape. Our beams are built as close as possible to competition beams for a realistic training experience. This includes the padding, covering, and shape.

The padding is closed cell polyethylene foam. The same padding that is used on competition beams. It is covered with heavy-grade synthetic suede material. The material is durable and easy to clean. The work surface is 4 in. wide.

The support braces are 24 in. wide and made of 12 gauge structural steel with rubber end caps to protect the flooring beneath. This will make a great practice beam.

  • Heavy Grade Synthetic Suede Covering
  • Padded Top
  • Rubber End Caps on Support Braces
  • Cross Grain Laminated Wood Construction
  • Hand Planed and Sanded Core
  • Competition Oval Shaped Sides
  • 12 ft. Long x 4 in. wide
  • Steel Support Braces 4 Different Heights to Choose From
  • No exposed staples
  • Weight Limit 350 lbs.

All of our folding mats are designed and manufactured with the best materials available. We don't make different quality mats such as "regular" and "firm". All of our mats will be what other companies sell as their best "firm" mat. We use 18 oz. vinyl coated nylon (heavy vinyl) for the cover.

We reinforce all wear points such as corners. Our mat tops don't have any sewed seams except along the edges. We use 2" thick polyethylene foam. You can also choose any color for your mats, so if you're getting tired of everything being blue, brighten up your gym with pink or purple. All of the available colors match our beams!


  • Adjustable Height every three inches from 35” up to 60”,
  • Weight Capacity 150 lbs
  • Triangular Side Stabilizers
  • All-Welded Design
  • 48” Wood Bar – Made of Oak
  • Lock Out Pull Pins for One Person Height Adjustment
  • Five Cross Braces for Stability
  • Top of the Line 4' x8' x 2" Thick Mat
  • Two Year Warranty
  • Assembly Instructions
  • Made in the USA
We manufacture the Strongest and Safest training High Bar in the world!

Here’s why:

Made in the USA

Our bars are manufactured by The Beam Store, not a third party or in China. This allows us the greatest degree of quality control. We oversee the entire manufacturing process from the initial metal cutting to the final packaging.

Cross Brace

In our resigned Elite High Bar we have added an additional stabilizer cross brace to the frame.

Locking Screws

We have added two additional locking screws on the adjustable arms. These keep the telescoping arms that adjust in height from wobbling when in use.

Triangular Side Stabilizers

The Beam Store Elite Training Bar is the only High Bar on the market with triangular stabilizers on the upright supports. These control the side-to-side motion of free-standing bars by transferring the force to the ground.

All-Welded Design

We use an all-welded design. We use welding as much as possible in the frame while still allowing the bar to be shipped using small package carriers like FedEx or UPS to ship. This provides a stronger, safer, and more stable bar for your child. Our High Bar Frame consists of four pieces, two extension legs, and two Side Supports. No bolts are needed to assemble these critical parts.

Weight Capacity

The recommended weight capacity of The Beam Store Elite Training Bar is 150 lbs. This can be increased if desired by placing a sheet of plywood or MDF in the center of the frame.


What makes The Beam Store Elite Training High Bar the strongest also makes it the safest. We use heavy-gauge steel combined with all-welded construction combined with redundant strength bracing combined with convenient features like lock-out Pull Pins and height locking screws.

Beginners' Velcro Grips

To order our Beginner Grips, take a measurement, in inches, from the wrist to the base of the fingers.

Sizing Chart For Velcro Beginner Grips

Size - Measurement
  • XS - Less Than 2 7/8"
  • S - 2 7/8"
  • M - 3 3/8"
  • L - 3 3/4"

Order the size closest to your measurement. If your measurement falls exactly between sizes, order the smaller size.

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